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About the Book

I had for some time wanted to write a book, I had worked on the title and basically what the book was going to be about, I worked out the chapters about twelve and all that was left was to write.

As time went on and my life changed in a number of ways so did the book. When we are ready the teacher arrives and she did in the form of a coach, one of the best things I have done.

We sat for two days and talked about, life, strengths and weaknesses, potential and so much more. What came after the two days was loads of clarification, and this book.

I have loved writing this book, it has been a culmination of more than four decades of learning, experiencing, researching and practising all the information I have imparted in The Invisible Woman.

The book is about changing, becoming visible after feeling invisible. It is very much a How To book because I really love seeing results.

In the beginning, it is all about how amazing we are and we have the tools to create everything that we want. I really want you to understand this area of creating our own reality, what that entails, that we are responsible for all that has happened and most importantly how can we change our life. I cover off on past present and future and how we consistently do the same things over and over again expecting different results, in other words nothing changes.

I give you lots of information and references. I wanted to be careful not to weigh you down with so much information that it became a science lesson.

I wanted to give you just enough to get you going, it’s like showing you how to make 500 dollars per month once you do that you will figure out how to double or triple that amount, this was where I was coming from with information.

Give you enough to get started and you will figure out the rest. Not entirely by yourself as I have given lots of references for future research.

I talk about life, the mind/body connection, the quantum field, energy, the energetic fields, how energy plays a big part in our life, meditation which is an amazing tool for changing our life and living our full potential.

I talk about the Heart and the amazing connection to the brain and that it is not just a pump.

The second part of the book is devoted to the Afterlife, how the afterlife and this life are one, there is no dividing line.

Understanding that there is an afterlife helps us live this life with no fear, and infinite possibilities.

Knowledge of the Afterlife is becoming a very hot topic, doctors, scientists and researchers of the paranormal are now realising how much the afterlife impacts this one.

We are living not only in chaos but also in a very exciting time of being ready to finally ask those questions of ourselves “Who Am I?”.

The final part of the book is the HOW TO. How to take all that you have learned so far and begin.

Beginning is half way there.

I have said through the book be patient it takes time, but it will happen and you will change your life and become the New You.

This book was written for you, I want you to change your life and experience all that is available to you, you have everything that you want, it is already there waiting for you and now you have the HOW TO. YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY…get going, nothing or no one can stop you.

You are Amazing.

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