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The energy of the mind is the essence of life.


The Philosophy of Aristotle

This part is all about ENERGY and MATTER.

What are they and how do they apply to our lives?

If they do, then what does it mean?

How do we use them?

Lots of questions, all of them relevant.

Let us look at energy first and a bit of history on Energy.

If we look at Energy, there are four known forces in Physics. Electromagnetism, gravity and strong and weak nuclear forces.

It is well known and documented in all of the Ancient healing arts such as Prana in India, Chi in Chinese medicine, the Chakras, Acupuncture, the Meridians, Ayurveda.

These have all been explained in great detail over the centuries.

We understand now, at this time in history, that they are the distribution and dynamics of the Life Force.

Life Force is part of us and our everyday living. We don’t think of it every day, we just know it exists.

It is difficult to get a grasp on Life Force.

It’s like thoughts and the soul, you can’t see them but we know they exist. To deny them would be absurd.

Our life force does fluctuate according to whether we feel good or not so good.

Whether it is day or night, whether we eat well or get enough sunshine.

Our life force is the pathway in our bodies in which energy flows.

Now this is where all this gets a bit tricky.

There is a matrix to the Life-Force. There is the Etheric, Astral, Mental and Causal. All subtle bodies or fields, and they work outside of space and time.

Stay with me, I know this is all getting a bit much.

We are part of a multidimensional universe which we are connected to and have access to, at will.

Now that’s exciting.


Wouldn’t you rather know, that who you believe you are and what is available to you to help change your life is currently very limited, and that you have this amazing infinite intelligence that is there for you?

The Astral Body (field) is our area of feelings at a physical level. These feelings are part of the limbic brain centres and the Autonomic nervous system.

This field is able to move independently of the body.

When a person has a near death experience, they find themselves out of their body and being able to see themselves from another level.

The Mental Body (field) is the area of language, intelligence and intuition. This is the left side of the brain.

Our experiences of thinking, solving problems and intelligent order exists at the mental level.

This is a very powerful level because it is also where our core beliefs and assumptions come from. They have an enormous influence on our emotions, behaviour, perceptions and life in general.

It is also at this level that fear based beliefs are created, which have a knock-on effect to emotional imbalance and conflicts.

The astral and the Mental fields need to integrate for us to be whole.

The Causal Body (field) this field is what is commonly known as the Soul.

This is a very important level because our deepest desires originate in this field.

If we hold onto these desires at this level, they will ultimately manifest in our mental, physical and emotional lives.

When we have questions of a meaningful nature we tend to try and evaluate them from this level.

The causal level is spiritual (not of the ego).

The causal body is where all events have been stored from our life experiences and maybe past life experiences.

It is the basis for our individuality.

We search for our higher purpose from this level.

This is also the area where we create our own personal reality.

The Etheric Body (field) is an interesting field to try and explain, as it is an invisible duplicate of our physical body.

When a person’s limb is amputated, it is well known that they still experience the feeling of the lost limb. It becomes the phantom limb and feels like they still have it.

It is amazing, what you are capable of.

The Etheric Body also assists cells during healing with directing the right cells to the right location in order to fill in the missing tissue.

The Etheric Body is talked about at length in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine along with the Chakras and Meridians.

Our last area to look at is Consciousness.

Just an overview, as this is also difficult to explain.

Consciousness is so intimately connected to our day to day and moment to moment experiences, we feel our consciousness from within, it is not outside of ourselves.

Consciousness is a field of energy, just like the etheric, causal etc. When we think consciously, we are directing ourselves and ultimately moving internally.

Consciousness as we know can be influenced by external factors, consciousness has the capacity for choice.

To think that consciousness appears out of nowhere is farfetched. It sounds like some sort of magic trick, you know the rabbit that suddenly appears out of a hat.

Consciousness has been and still is widely discussed.

Trying to reach a conclusion on what exactly is consciousness, is daunting.

It is not observable from the outside world. It is something we experience. It certainly has an influence on our bodies such as our cells and entire organisms to maintain integrity.

Consciousness is not just for living systems, it also reaches out to the Universe as a whole.

Consciousness is connected to the all that is…infinite.

By now you should be getting the idea of the enormity of who you are.


When I made the statement that “You Create Your Own Reality” and your first reaction was yeah right.

I want to further explain the how, and by the way, this is all evidence based not some fancy idea that someone came up with. Do you agree that it has always been a challenge to try and get our thoughts around the outer world (which is our physical world) and our inner world of thoughts and feelings and how this inner world can affect our outer world (physical)?

This is a challenge because we have always thought of these two things as being separate.

In the 17th Century there was a famous Mathematician and Philosopher called René Descartes and then later, another famous Mathematician and Scientist called Sir Isaac Newton.

I mention these two people, because they had a profound effect on science and how we came to the conclusion that as humans we really didn’t have any influence on outcomes and that our actions didn’t really matter.

Hence even today we continually blame others for what happens.

I think it is worth taking a moment to talk a little about Descartes and Newton, to fill in a little of the gaps in our evolution.

In their study of matter, which is the material world and the one which science took on as incorporating the laws of the universe which govern our outer world, are predictable.

Now stay with me here, I mention our outer world, the area in which things can be calculated, how objects function in space and time, how our planets move around the sun, how if we drop something, this can be measured, all of this is predictable.

There was no thought given to our inner world the immaterial world, the world that is unpredictable, the world beyond space and time, the world we don’t see unless we observe it.

Quantum Physics came into being when physicists started to focus their attention on the Atom, they noticed that the Atom and its nucleus became less and less the more it was observed. It became empty space, well at least 99.9999999999999.

They also found that this space wasn’t really empty, it was full of energy, information. Now this is where this gets exciting, these physicists also found that the more they observed the particles of subatomic matter, the more they realised that if we become the observer, focus our attention in one area, this then becomes our reality.

As a matter of fact, that reality already exists in the quantum field. The possibilities are endless.

We are no longer the victim of our circumstances; they are not out of our control, no matter what we have convinced ourselves of.

Whichever way you choose to think, whether positive or negative is your choice, it is intentional.

So, I say once again watch those thoughts and feelings.

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