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Grief Coaching

Judythe’s goal is to help people who have lost loved ones move on from their grief.

Helping people to understand that there definitely is an afterlife and that there are ways of communicating with a lost loved one.

Judythe’s aim is to normalise our communication between this life and the next.

It certainly is of enormous benefit to those left behind to be able to communicate with the departed.

Just think if we were able to reach out to our loved one when we need to and not wait and hope that something happens then the agony that is experienced and the feeling of irretrievable loss would soften the helplessness we feel and the grief that never seems to leave.

Under normal grief counseling it can take 1-2 years to reach some form of normality.

Whereas an Afterlife Therapist works on maintaining the bond with the deceased striving to achieve full resolution of their Core sadness.

The statistics on success rate are as high as 96%.