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When the past calls, let it go to voicemail, believe me, it has nothing new to say.


I want to congratulate you for reaching the HOW TO section.

This is a milestone for you because you are now ready to take the steps that will change your life, you will become the NEW YOU and be, do or have all that you want.

Having said that, you may be surprised when things start to change so do your priorities.

Now a bit of tough love here.

There are certain things that you need to do and these are the following. Don’t deviate, do them as set out.

If they are uncomfortable to begin with, don’t worry.

With practice they will become comfortable.

They will become part of you and eventually you will do them on automatic.

I promise.

What I am teaching you is what I have done to create a new life for myself.

This book has not been written because one morning I woke up and said, “Oh I might write a book”.

This book has been written specifically with you in mind, a book that I know, if you follow the processes you will have the life you want.

It is definitely a HOW TO.


1. Be very clear about what it is that you want…take the time to write it down.

2. Set aside time for your meditation. This is really important.

3. Be very diligent. Don’t deviate.

4. Be patient with yourself

5. Be consistent

As we move forward, I want you to really embrace the process, have fun, become the observer and get excited about the adventure that is about to unfold.

Expect great things, because you are the creator.

Stop a moment to really get that…you are the creator, nobody else.

Not your friends or family or workmates or anything that is external to you. You have it all, you are powerful beyond words, you are amazing.

Now let’s get started.

Are you ready?

If you need to go back over the parts that are relevant, make sure you do, because I want you to really understand the actions you need to take.

In the beginning I talked about how amazing you are and that everything we do and think is based on past experiences, every time you try to move forward you drag the past with you.

The voice that says, you can’t, why do you want to change that? You’re not that smart. What will my friends say? How will I tell my family?

All the past.

So, if that’s the big obstacle and it is, how do you move forward?

Firstly, how committed are you to what it is that you want?

By the way, to begin with, this doesn’t have to be big. Start with what you feel comfortable with.

The more you manifest, the more adventurous you become.

You will start to realise that you created it.

Sit with this goal, feel it, take notice of how your body responds.

What are your thoughts?

Remember you are the observer and by that, I mean you need to watch every thought that you think.

Let me say that again.

Every thought that you think.

Is the thought positive or negative?

If it is negative, put it in the trash can that you have set up in your imagination.

Think of these thoughts as the little red MM.

You know. Get in the box.

You will get so used to sliding these negative thoughts into the can, that they too will become automatic. Again practice.

The more you eliminate the negative, the more you make way for the positive.

Have fun with this part of the step. Practice while you’re driving, on public transport, while shopping.

You will find that the more you do this, the less you will be judgemental or worry what others think.

You won’t buy into annoying opinions, or people who you allow to press your buttons.

After a while you will begin to realise that what you held onto before has gone, you are free.

Don’t gossip about others. If you feel you need to make a comment, STOP. Stick it in the box.

These thoughts are not your life now, they are the old you.

This part of the process is probably going to take you time and practice.

That’s ok, because it’s not the only thing that you will be doing, you will be very busy.

There is timing on the process, you want results, you want to see change in your life.

I want you to see results, so I’m giving you three months.

The process I am giving you takes time and effort and concentration so it is probably in your best interest not to read the books I have recommended just yet.

It can become overwhelming and confusing and then you won’t do anything.

So, no more research just yet.

I need you to put 100% into the work.

While you are observing your thoughts, observe your actions around them, how do you feel? What comes up for you?

Are you frustrated, angry, tearful, guilty, stressed or are there regrets?

Your past thoughts have been your life, and they have until now shaped your future.

Become aware of everything, how does your body feel.

This whole process is time consuming, very different from how you have lived your life up until now.

The definition of lunacy is do what you have always done expecting different results…HOW.

What you put in is what you get out.

This step is so important as I said before.

If you are not aware of what you are thinking and how you feel, then how can you move on and become the new you?

When I first started, I was so excited to think that I could create everything that I have ever wanted.

I loved being the observer, it was fascinating to watch my thoughts and feelings.

I used to think of my thoughts as the little red MM I was always telling the ones I didn’t want, to get in the box. It made me laugh. It became a game.

I’m telling you this story to help you even more, realise that we all start in the same way, because we all have the past. What’s in it may be different in some ways, but I know for sure it would not have been all positive.

Everything that you desire starts with a thought. So, it stands to reason that the first thing we need to do is to be very aware of what those thoughts are.

Now I know I am repeating myself but I really want you to realise how important becoming the observer is.

What I am teaching you and asking you to do is outside of the normal. You know all those things that everybody else is doing. Which mostly are not working. You’re not one of those people, not now that you know that you are capable of changing your life.

The next part of the process is Meditation.

To begin with I want you to meditate once a day either in the morning or last thing at night, these are the best times.

The meditation I want you to listen to is by Dr Joe Dispenza.

It is his meditation “Tuning into New Potentials”.

It is excellent and the one I listen to the most.

After a month, take your meditation to morning and evening. Again, meditation is something that takes practice. This meditation can be downloaded from Joe Dispenza’s website, the parts I want you to listen to is the Introduction and Tuning into Your Potential. Leave the one for Breath until later on, you will know when this is appropriate.

In the introduction part of the Meditation, Joe Dispenza gives a set up for the main meditation. I don’t need to explain that part as it is all there for you to begin.

Meditation is a big part of the change.

Maybe even the biggest.

There is a breakthrough that happens along the way.

In Meditation, we get the chance to observe the old thoughts, if we have them, let them slip by, during the day, then we get to observe them when we meditate. We can then let them go and put them in the trash can.

When you first begin meditating you may find yourself drifting off, going shopping, thinking about what calls you need to make, emails that need to be answered, a myriad of things.

Don’t worry, just bring yourself back to the present and start again, you may have to do this several times during your meditation. This will settle down the more you practice.

Keep reminding yourself that your meditation is what will ultimately get you to that new future you want so much.

You are no longer relying on the external to provide for you.

By meditating you are changing your belief patterns, your body is beginning to no longer react to the stimulus of your external world, you are now starting to focus inward.

This is an exciting time, when we come to realise that we are no longer a slave to our bodies or the environment and that the high we feel is when the body releases the stress hormone.

Then we are beginning to change who we think we are to who we want to be. The New You.

Let me try and help you a bit more by giving you a scenario that we may have heard from someone or maybe even a person close to you or even you.

A person visits the doctor because they’re not feeling well, after a number of tests the person is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

The doctor then goes on to what the prognosis is and treatment etc.

The person hits the fear button. Images that they may have seen on television are there, right in the mind’s eye.

Now these are all based on past experiences.

The person has already accepted what the doctor has diagnosed.

What the person believes is now tied into the doctor’s belief.

So, at what point would the person see a different outcome?

A new possibility.

Now turn this around to the person who receives the diagnosis, prognosis and doesn’t accept that the outcome is final.

They didn’t hit the fear button.

They immediately put themselves into a new state of being.

They are now in control, they became proactive, they didn’t just say I won’t let this beat me. That’s just words and not enough in this case to change anything.

To make the changes that are necessary in the above story, is to change our belief system.

To become conscious of the unconscious.

As I have said before, become the observer.

The only way to have anew future is to let go of your past thoughts of focusing on what it is that you want your future to be.

Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.

By meditating we are creating a new internal experience.

A new future.

It is in this space that our future potential germinates.

We get to water the seeds that are already planted.

Everything that we want to be, do or have is already there, waiting for us, this is the tool to bring it into reality.

There are a couple of more components we need to incorporate into the meditation.

Energy and feelings.

Let’s now look at how to this.

Remember when I talked about energy and how important it was?

It is important that you understand where this fits in your meditation. So, I want to recap this area for you.

I am going to start with the energy centres in the body called Chakras or Wheels of Light.

Many years ago, I used to do a lot of hands on healing. Later this was known as Therapeutic Touch, also Energy Healing or sometimes referred to as Energy Medicine.

The Chakras which are seven in total.

Red being the base chakra.

The next one is orange in colour and is near the belly button.

Number three is yellow and sits in the solar plexus.

Four is green and is in the heart area.

Five is blue and in the throat area.

Six is indigo and is in the front of the forehead.

Last but not least is the seventh chakra and sits at the top of the head, it is pink in colour.

These energy centres are important in the body as they take in energy.

They look like large vortexes that extend from the body back and front.

There is also one between our legs that extends downward and the one at the top of the head which extends upward.

They spin ever so gently.

To give you an idea of what they look like I have added a couple of Pictures.

These energy centres play a major role in the body and correlate to all of the organs and systems in our body.

These energy centres flow interdependently of each other and need to flow freely.

If they don’t, areas of the body get stuck and therefore influence our thinking and inhibits energy flow through the body.

Each energy centre has its own tissues, glands, hormones and chemicals.

We know from our previous discussion that energy carries information so it is important to make sure that we are tuned in and our energy fields are turned on.

We can do this also in our meditation.

The meditation I gave you by Joe Dispenza “Tuning into New Potentials” begins by focusing on some areas of the body that relate to the Chakras.

You can use part of the meditation to focus on your other chakras. This will also keep you focused in the present and not have you drifting off.

When you have listened to the meditation a couple of times you will know when you will be able to do this.

Don’t forget that we draw from the invisible field of energy this field is infinite, ready and waiting for us.

You should be starting to realise how important it is to meditate and how much it will change your life.

Now the last part of the meditation is FEELING.

Most of us wouldn’t even think about feeling.

We just accept our feelings. Thinking they are a natural part of us whether they are negative or positive.

They are the effect of what we have been thinking.

We have the thought, we feel and then we act on those feelings.

Let me explain without getting too technical.

You stop in front of a shop that has the best-looking shoes you have ever seen.

You immediately have the thought of how good those shoes will look on you.

Your brain fires off all the necessary chemical reactions in line with your thoughts, now comes the image of how they will look on you and bingo your feelings then match your thoughts.

There is no way those shoes won’t be yours.

Now all of this probably happened on automatic because you would have followed this sequence in all parts of your life, thousands of times.

It is safe to say at this point that the brain communicates with the body and we feel the way we think and then eventually we think the way we feel…you may have to read that again to fully understand.

This is the thinking/feeling cycle that creates a state of being. Who we are.

We have practiced this thinking/feeling cycle for so long, we have come to believe what we have created is an absolute truth.

If we do not get past the years of thinking and feeling in the same way then we will never change anything.

Can you begin to see how we create our own reality?

There is not another person involved in this process.

You did it all by yourself.

The question now is, to ask yourself, does my mind control my body or is my body controlling my mind?

Go ahead take a minute to think about what I have just said, this is important.

Do you agree that change is difficult?

Why is that?

Let’s look at an example.

Through your life so far, you can look back and remember the hard times, you may look at your family and remember the hard times when you were growing up.

You may have had a sister who constantly seemed to be ill, over time the illnesses became more frequent and you came to realise that all the attention in the home was directed to your sister.

You further realised that this was a behaviour pattern that served your sister in getting attention. You might even call this playing the victim.

Now you observed this and then when you hit the hard times how much of that behaviour became yours.

The memories of how you felt about your sister and her way of getting attention stayed with you. These memories could have been there for many years and so when you suffered through those hard times you automatically created the feeling you didn’t even have to think about it. The memory of pain and suffering was already there.

You repeated what you remember happened in your home.

Most people don’t realise that highly emotional experiences have an effect on the brain.

The brain fires and wires in the same sequence. The same patterns, all this firing and wiring sets up more hard-wired networks.

The brain releases chemicals that over time have trained the body to memorise the emotions.

We have then created a program whereby the body becomes the mind and suddenly because we have probably done all of this on automatic, we have created a habit.

Are habits hard to break?


Our goal is to take charge of our mind.

Monitor and observe our thoughts and what feelings come with those thoughts, to break the cycle.

Become the new you.

When you begin to take back control, the body is going to put up resistance. This is where you will have to have great resolve. You will need to hang onto your potential.

Move beyond what is familiar and the path of least resistance.

Remember do what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten.

You are going to unwire and rewire your brain to a new program.

A new way of thinking.

That’s exciting because this is where you get to create your own reality.

A reality that isn’t based on the past.

A brand new you.

Again, at the end of this step I will give you further reading.

So where are we at?

Well we are nearing completion and all that is left is up to you.

I have given you all the information you need to get started.

I have made the steps and the backup information as simple as possible.

You will need to develop your knowledge base which will in turn give you more skills.

We are learning all the time we are never finished.

I think learning is fun.

We expand our thinking, we have renewed energy which in turn brings more information and more opportunities.

We begin to feel the expansion of self.

There are no boundaries, we start to realise that we truly are amazing and tapped into the infinite.

When we get to this point, we are so fired up with possibility we can then begin to help others.

You need to be fully immersed in yourself first.

Don’t think you are being selfish as you have already given a great deal in your life and now it is your turn.

Remember you cannot give what you do not have.

Years ago, Dr Robert Schuller the famous preacher from Orange County was interviewed on why he had spent 11 million dollars on a building called, The Crystal Cathedral.

Some people thought this amount was outrageous and could have been put to better use.

Robert Schuller’s answer was very simple and I will always remember him saying “Because Poor People Cannot Help Poor People”

The Crystal Cathedral was full every Sunday and people tithed and sponsored which in turn built hospitals and schools in much needed areas.

This is you, the more you are successful and I am not just talking about money, the more you will pay it forward.

This is the best gift you can give.

The more you give, the more you get.

It’s that wonderful area of Gratitude.

Watch things in your life change when you are so grateful for all you have and you have let go of control. You have learned to trust spirit and the universe and know that your potential that you put into the Quantum Field is already happening.

Let’s recap the Steps.

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