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Past Life Regression



Healing through Past Life REGRESSION a Two day Online Workshop

      Judythe is certified by the Weiss Institute in Past Life Regression

This 2 day workshop shows you how you can access Past Lives and the healing of this transformative process and how it affects our everyday lives.

Miracles happen.

Past Life regression is not time travel it is your memory, events that have been locked away and forgotten. These events unbeknown to you have had a profound influence on your present life.

This 2 day workshop will lead you from doubt to discovery and a path to healing you may never have thought possible. Physical and emotional wellness takes place it also is a path that helps take away the fear of death and more meaning to how we live our lives today.

Visualise for a moment that you have boarded a train, and this train is your life, your Souls Journey and this journey is filled with mystery and miracles. Then it is time to rest and we pull into a station, this station is where we rest it’s a place between lifetimes and then when we are ready we board another train, another body another lifetime, another souls journey.

Our 2 days together is for you to revisit those other lifetimes, to know for sure that you are immortal and powerful and amazing. Let me help you find peace and understanding and progress along your spiritual path which is the Souls noblest duty.