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Readings with Judythe

Judythe’s readings are conducted via Zoom or in person by appointment depending on where you live…Judythe lives in Melbourne Australia.

What should you expect from a private reading?

Judythe begins her reading by asking for assistance from her Spirit Guides, Spirit, her Helpers and Angels. Judythe does not sensor the information that is given.  Each reading is different. Judythe sometimes receives messages from the other side depending on how the information flows. Each reading Judythe does provides powerful information that can be taken away and acted on.

 Most people are looking for clarity in some area of their life whether it is financial, family, relationships or health, all of these subjects can usually be covered in a one-hour session. If you were able to receive some clarity in your life Why wouldn’t you want to find out?

Judythe is also a very gifted Energy Healer.