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The eternal principle, which never was born, never will die. it is in all things. it is in you now. You are the wave on the face of the ocean. When the wave is gone, is the water gone? Has anything happened? Nothing has happened. It is a play, a game, a dance.

Joseph Campbell

It was always my intention to add this on the Afterlife.


Because I believe that if you understand and come to accept that there is life beyond death you will greatly enhance this life.

Fear will become non-existent and you will have a greater purpose.

Why am I so sure that there is life after death?

Because I have experienced through being a psychic medium and helping thousands of families through being a Funeral Specialist for more than a decade that our loved ones are not gone.

Gone from sight that is all.

We all have the ability to communicate with those that have passed. I will talk about this a little later.

The subject of the afterlife has always been a controversial one.

There are those that absolutely do not believe there is anything beyond death.

There are also those that would like to believe that this life is not all there is.

Then there are those that sit on the fence, what they are really saying is convince me.

I don’t want to convince anybody.

You will either feel that there is something or not.

I will give you some more references at the end of the book for further reading if you are interested.

There is a huge amount of interest, discussions and research happening in the world on the afterlife.

We live in a world that is chaotic and where change happens very frequently on a daily basis, there is no escaping it.

What if I was to tell you that if you come to understand that there is an afterlife and that those that have passed have given us information through what we are now coming to realise as the most reliable voices and these are Mediums.

The other side has for centuries been eager to tell us about their amazing world.

Of course, mediums aren’t the only source available. There have been hundreds of books that have documented Near Death Experiences (NDE) some more recently by doctors, nurses and private investigators who began with a great deal of scepticism, but after much research and hands on experience, now know and believe that there is an afterlife.

Some families have experienced their loved ones before they passed, talking to other family members, that are not physically in the room We call this pre-death visions.

There are those that have had out of body experiences, past life regression, past life recall, DE’s, dream visitations, reincarnation and the list goes on.

One of the major things I see out of understanding that there is an afterlife, is for the families that are left behind.

It doesn’t take away the grieving process and neither should it as grieving is part of our experience here on earth.

It is incredibly helpful to understand, as I said in the beginning that they are not gone.

How many times have you heard stories or maybe experienced this yourself, that someone has passed and yet things get moved in the house, lights go on and off or music gets played. There may be the familiar scent of the person, a feather or some other form of unusual happening.

These are all messages from the other side, trying to let us know that they are OK and there is no need to worry.

The afterlife is a great teacher it does change you when you come to understand that it exists.

As you become more knowledgeable you begin to grow in ways you never thought possible.

You become more aware of this life and what is on offer.

You begin to live a fuller and more purposeful life.

It doesn’t happen immediately, it is a process.

You will find yourself looking at negativity, differently.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

As I covered earlier in the book, you are pure source energy and that our sole purpose for which we are here for, is to experience, nothing more.

When we learn to accept this and let go of the needs and wants, then guess what? We automatically get them.

We let go and allow spirit to bring them to us in perfect space and time.

We stop trying to control everything.

That is hard for us humans. We really do feel that if we can’t control the situation then it won’t happen.

Let me tell you that every experience has a purpose.

If we truly understood this then how would our life be?

The thought that our experience on this earth does include suffering, is hard to understand.

Let’s look at this another way.

Let’s say we took our challenging experience and instead of looking at it as some sort of punishment or bad luck, look at these experiences from the stand point of, yes, I am here for the experience, what I do with that experience is a choice, because I have free will.

Most people take negative experiences, blame others and become the victim.

I am not saying that all people do this because there are those that take the experience and make the best of it.

The difference between the two people is choice.

I am not saying that all of the challenges we are faced with, we face with a smile on our face. Certainly not, but the one thing I know is that knowing about the afterlife and why we are here gives me a greater understanding and helps me make the best of situations, rather than being a victim.

I have less fear, there is no blame and no judgement.

The afterlife teaches us about life.

There are of course many questions relating to loved ones, too various to mention here. I highly recommend “Answers about the Afterlife” by Bob Olson or read my book on the Afterlife called “It’s Not Goodbye”.

The idea of death and any discussion around death, is usually met by a look of horror or something akin to that. Or “I don’t think about it”, “not now” or “I don’t know” and yet these are the same people who watch shows on murders, stabbings, shootings on the television.

We avoid the subject of death at all costs.

Even if we have a loved one that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, we don’t talk about it.

Our belief is that it is too stressful, too painful, too awkward.

So, we become experts at dodging the situation.

It is interesting, because at the end of the day, none of us are going to get out alive.

Wouldn’t we be better off if we opened up a discussion around death and dying?

Get all the worries, fear and expectations out in the open.

How much easier would that be on the person passing and those that are left behind?

There would be none of the bickering and fighting over what is believed to be rightfully theirs.

Families end up estranged, divorces happen and guilt and anger take over our lives.

Sounds horrendous but it happens much too often.

Just think, all this could be avoided if we would only begin the discussion.

So why don’t we?

Well as I said before, it is awkward, we are frightened. What if we are the only one who thinks this way? What if I’m wrong about the afterlife, what would the church say? I don’t want to look stupid.

Ask yourself this question.

What if there is an afterlife and your loved one passes with unresolved issues with things that could have been resolved?

How would the family move on?

Is there any guilt on both parties and so much more?

Can you see how much more peaceful and accepting the dying process would be?

Unresolved issues for not only the person who’s dying but for the families, is a pain in you know where.

One of the other things we don’t do, is involve children.

We skirt around talking to them about death.

Children don’t fear death like we do.

With all our preconditioning and ignorance.

They are already conscious of it.

Think about this. If you haven’t experienced this yourself you probably know someone who has or you would have heard stories about children that have and talk to imaginary friends. They play dead. Do families ask the child when they see this happening “did you die, and what was that like”?

Children are already aware of dying it is part of their imagination.

We do worry that if we talk to them about death, they will lose their innocence.

Not talking about it, leaves them thinking that dying is a bad thing.

Are you starting to realise that death and dying is something that happens all the time, in every city, in every part of the world, in hospitals, care centres hospices and the list goes on?

Every second somewhere, somebody dies.

So why are we so fearful?

Is it because we know nothing about it?

After all it is the unknown.

What sorts of words and images do you conjure up relating to death?

What are your feelings? Take a moment to write them down:



Our association with death stems from how our culture has perceived death.

We depict it in signage such as the skull and cross bones, creepy graveside stories, wearing of black.

We see it all as a very solemn occasion.

It is only in the last few years that we see the advertisements for Funeral homes using the term, “Celebrating Life” and “Life Celebrations”.

People are engaging celebrants instead of church services. They are watching videos and playing music etc. Lifting the tone of solemnity to one of celebrating the person’s life.

Giving them a good send off, wishing them a safe passage, a safe journey home.

Somewhere in our psyche, our knowing, we know there is something more.

Maybe it’s a hope.

Whatever it is, I can assure you from my own experiences and from a lot of research that there is an afterlife.

Don’t become blasé about this life because the afterlife enhances this one. Death isn’t our problem, fear is.

Where do we get our obsession with fear?

Social conditioning is a big part of it.

It drives us to as much material gain that we can acquire.

Let’s get it all now before it’s too late.

We believe that being wealthy, having big houses, driving fabulous cars, gives us the security and the power we think we need.

There are those that think because they have attained super wealth that they are immortal, invincible.

In our quest for riches we have forgotten about our planet, our environment, the waste that we are producing and the exploitation of our precious resources.

We use language for the elderly as if they don’t exist and are superfluous in our future plans.

There is huge amount of money spent on advertising that perpetuates the idea that ageing is somewhere you shouldn’t be going.

Keep everybody looking young, more facelifts, more Botox more anti-ageing creams.

We are obsessed with having the ideal body, the wrinkle free face, we fear that if we don’t eat the right food, do the right exercise and avoiding food that has too much cholesterol in it. Saying goodbye to the wonderful Sunday roast with all that lovely gravy.

There is always another side to things.

What about the stress and anxiety you have placed on your body, the toxicity not to mention the psychological pollution.

Did you forget about that?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow old gracefully with all the knowledge?

The good news is, we can.

I would like to talk more on the medical industry of which I am including the big pharmaceutical companies.

I am not going to spend my time dragging the medical industry down but having said that, their focus is on sickness and not on health this in turn has created our paranoia around staying healthy and looking good, which I spoke about a little earlier.

We are constantly told about all the diseases that are out there, all the unseen viruses, parasites, and so many other nasties that can attack us at any given time.

We are then led to believe that the environment and the world in which we live in, is unsafe.

If we visit the doctors and they tell us that something is wrong and then if we refuse to take what is then being prescribed, they start the fear tactics by telling us stories on patients that they have that didn’t do what they said and the terrible outcome.

Now I am not saying this happens all the time, but I think we need to be mindful that they mean well. It just may not fit with where you are at the moment and the feelings, that if you have created it, then you can uncreate.

There are many stories and evidence of this happening.

This approach is not for everyone so ultimately the decision is yours.

Our bodies are not that fickle, we can actually trust its messages if we are listening.

Having said that, it is hard to trust our bodies when we are constantly told if we don’t eat properly, drink too much don’t exercise etc, then we will probably die at an early age.

This would put the wind up anyone wouldn’t it?

Much less promote self-trust.

The psyche plays a huge role in our health and disease, most of which is external to us, namely our environment.

More on this from Dawson Church who wrote “The Genie in Your Genes”. The information in this book is ground-breaking and well worth the read.

Just think that if we truly trusted ourselves then we would as I said before, listen to the body. We would know what foods to eat, when to exercise, take a walk, spend time with pets who help lower our blood pressure, laugh more.

Remember the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”?

Laughter releases tension and hormones which helps lower toxicity.

The body knows how to repair itself.

It belongs to you and is not there to be manipulated.

I want to talk a bit more about fear because it does hold us back in all areas of life.

You know the saying.


False Evidence Appearing Real.

Another area to look, where fear comes from, is the media, news and entertainment.

We as humans don’t confront death head on, we do it through books, videos, TV shows, films, computer games and so on.

How much of what we see or read is about death? We watch hospital dramas, play war games on our computers, get involved in murder mysteries and are obsessed with shows like CSI where forensic scientists, probe, cut, amputate and leave us with the fear of death that attacks us on so many levels.

How can we move beyond all the fear?

Start by finding out more about death.

Opening up a line of communication with those that have passed or are passing.

Read about Near Death Experiences (NDE). These are people who have had the experience of dying and return to tell their story. They have no fear of death. Near death experiences teach us that there is life after death and that some 45 million accounts can’t all be wrong.

Where does science sit with these findings?

Well they are somewhat ambivalent.

If a person has no heart or brain wave activity then they are pronounced dead.

As yet scientists have not begun to really investigate all the NDE information.

Science can’t quite get its head around clinically dead, to science and the medical profession this is the end of the road.

So, somebody who dies from a brain tumour and was dead for an hour and a half. Was stiff and cold. Would, by medical standards, be pronounced dead.

If he were to live, then he would have massive brain damage, it would be a miracle.

Well he did return with the malignant brain tumour gone.

This and hundreds and hundreds of stories abound.

Are they all hallucinating?

Not in my book (pardon the pun).

To complete this chapter my question to you is.

What if there is an afterlife and this physical world you live in, is only one part of the whole and that you are not alone?

A new spiritual awareness is erupting.

There is a paradigm shift underway.

We are seeing dozens of books being written on the afterlife, NDE’s, death bed experiences and much more.

Our obsession with the material at the expense of all else is irrational and ridiculous.

In his book “When did you become less by dying”, Professor Stafford Betty points out the following:

  1. Our planet is not the only world we know.
  2. The sooner we make our peace with death the less melancholy and frightened we will be as we confront it.
  3. The key to success and happiness here is not how many things we acquire but the wellbeing we bring to those around us.
  4. The life habits we cultivate here, and not the monuments to ego we build, will determine our starting place in the world to come.

There are many more questions like:

  • What happens to the people after they have their Near-Death Experience?
  • Do we choose when and how we die?
  • What happens when a person commits suicide or dies from an addiction?
  • Where do we go after we die?
  • Can my earth family see me and can I see them?
  • Is there reincarnation and do we choose?
  • What happens with miscarriages, abortions or stillbirth?

These are only some of the questions that we would like to know.

There are dozens more.

In the reference material, I have given you, a lot of those questions are answered.

I encourage you to do your own research. You will then be informed enough to come to your own conclusions.

Here is a link to a special meditation

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