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Step 1

Begin immediately by becoming the observer of all your thoughts and feelings.

Be conscious to everything.

Put all the unwanted thoughts and feelings in the “Trash Can” and only focus on keeping those that can help you achieve your potential.

Keep your new beginning to yourself don’t tell others. Think of what you are doing as a baby, you need to nurture it, feed it, watch it grow, watch it crawl and walk, stand alone and then it is off and running. This is your new creation, your new reality so it’s incredibly important to take charge, the new you are not open for discussion.

Don’t get into gossiping about others whether they are family, friends or work colleagues. It is none of your business you have enough to do.

Be mindful of what triggers your emotions, what past stuff does it bring up?

Once you start recognising how you have always acted, then guess what? You can change it.

Remember unwire to rewire.

Take notice of how much of your past conditioning do you bring into your present decisions.

If you do all these things then you are being conscious to your life you have stopped living in life’s waiting room.

Step 2

Begin meditating.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you will start seeing results.

Download the Meditations I have recommended.

You will need to set a time and place to meditate.

It is important to have a calm space with no distractions.

Try not to miss any meditations because it is important when you first start to get used to being consistent and persistent.

Practice makes perfect and gets results. Once you get the hang of meditating you will be in awe of how your life changes.

Step 3

The meditation I have suggested will go through what you need to do in the introduction part.

It covers off on potential and what this is.

It will also walk you through this in the meditation, so don’t worry, you don’t have to remember everything.

In the meditation, Joe Dispenza will guide you through giving this potential ENERGY.

Think about this part as I explained earlier in the book as the raising agent in a cake.

It won’t rise without it.

You can have all the goals or potential but without the other ingredients it just won’t happen.

Make sure you really involve yourself in this part.

Step 4

In your meditation, along with potential and energy the last ingredient is feelings.

This is where I want you to give it all you’ve got.

Really get into how it will feel when you have that amazing holiday, financial freedom, no more debt, a home (if you don’t have one), whatever it is, I want you to feel it in your bones.

Don’t get up from your meditation until you feel you already have what you desire.

Practice, practice practice.

Professional Tennis players practice until they could play the game in their sleep.

By the time they are on court they have already practiced the shots hundreds if not thousands of times.

Get that feeling happening, get excited, the adventure has just begun.

Game on.

I am with you, in spirit, every step of the way.

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