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Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.

Kevin Michel

Moving Through Parallel Worlds To Achieve Your Dreams

Believing the impossible.

There is an enormous amount of research being done as I write on our perception of reality.

How does the atom work and what is the Quantum Universe?

The Quantum Universe is where all of our notions of time space and causality need to be left behind.

We are entering a world where we can create the reality that we really want.

This is the area where we can be, do or have anything we want.

When I say that, you will have heard that line hundreds of times and then the small voice in your past will tell you that you can’t have everything, it’s not possible, something has to give.

That’s not true, it’s another thing that has been drummed into us over our lifetime.

There will be a bit of mental gymnastics that will go on, as you get your head around having all you want without everything else falling in a hole.

Let’s keep going.

I am going to ask you to take a bit of a gamble with your life to become the player in a game of chance.

Let’s go back to the Quantum Universe, because it is in this area that we get to create all that we want.

Don’t dwell on the HOW at the moment, it will fall into place.

The Quantum Universe is infinite, never ending, has no boundaries, goes on and on and on.

Get the picture?

It is also full of energy and energy holds information, this is information that we can tap into for ourselves.

It is where all of our future is stored.

Humans perceive the world from being the observer, to also being the participator.

Our motivation is to act on everything that is external to us.

This is how we live our daily lives.

If we were to stand back and look at how that is, in context to the Quantum Universe, we have been talking about, we are living in a micro situation and therefore limiting our ability to access the infinite, that is within us.

Our attention and focus are scattered and as I have said before, whatever it is that we are focusing on, draws to it, all our energy whether this is positive or negative.

Thoughts used with intention are very powerful.

The more you become clear, focused and pay attention, the more you block out all the other distractions, your brain becomes very active.

We are giving ourselves a healthy dose of mindfulness.

The Quantum Field

The invisible field of energy.

It took me sometime, to really get that everything around me in my physical world had unlimited potential.

I had to sit with that awhile when I first read about this, over the years.

When we think about anything being infinite, it again takes time to sink in.

We don’t just want to say to ourselves that yep I get that when what we are really saying to ourselves is, I’ll come back to that later.

I don’t want you to come back to this later.

Take a moment, sit quiet and imagine infinite.

The space beyond your body, and then the space beyond the space.

It is this space that is the Quantum. The area where all potential flows.

It is full of energy therefore full of information.

It is where you go in meditation.

It is where you imagine your future and what it looks like.

It is where you put all your energy into a specific task.

You can’t bake that cake (as I have said before) if you don’t put in the raising agent.

In this case, your energy.

We’ll come back to that and how this works a little later.

How many times have you heard the saying “What you focus on multiplies”?

I want you to think about a time in your life when this happened.

Now it maybe not be a big thing, it might have been something quite small, but there would have been something, maybe not once, but many times.

What did you say to yourself when that happened?

Or is it still happening?

How did you feel?

It’s important to recognise the things that we do and say, because to create the New You, we are leaving the other you behind, to be able to move forward and be, do or have, all that you desire.

The Quantum Field we are talking about has everything there waiting for you.

Not just all the material things, but all things to do with being healthy and happy.

It really is just waiting for you.

It always has been, you just didn’t know how to access it, in a way that would be life changing.

We know that we are made up of energy and that energy gives out specific signals along with information, now in the past you have given out lots of energy and information into the Quantum Field you wouldn’t have been aware of. All your thoughts and feelings would have been random.

Now what if you began to give consciously.

What if you became the observer of your life.

What if you were able to observe your thoughts?

To really think about what it is that you want, that your future of be, do or have is already part of you.

It is in the Quantum field waiting for you to bring it to fruition…and you can.

By now you should be starting to realise, that you create your own reality.

You and nobody else.

Let’s sum up so far.

I started with how amazing you are, which led me to talking about the mind and the body, then I explained some more about energy and matter which then led us through to the quantum field.

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