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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

ALBERT Einstein

You are Amazing

I hope you are starting to get excited about the possibility that this is not just another book of talk, that it really can help you change your life.

I promise you it can. So, what do you have to do, to make it happen? Well you do have to take action.

There is a saying by a Tibetan monk that says “To know and not to do, is not really to know”.

Let us take a trip down memory lane. We’re not going to stay there, I just want you to really get the hang of the past and how detrimental it is to your future.

You can’t have a new future if you continually live in the past and all its memories.

It is definitely the definition of lunacy to think that we can continue doing the same thing expecting different results.

Through the book, I will repeat myself a number of times. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten what I have said. I know for sure that repetition impresses itself on the mind, you eventually become your mind and not your body.

This takes a little time, you’ll get the gist eventually, keep reading. I’ll also give you some tips that may help you. Like creating an imaginary trash can for you to put past thoughts into.

We’ll come back to that.

Past, Present and Future

Would you agree that the model so far that we have been living by is the past, present and future?

That’s the way we have lived so far. What other way would there be you may well ask?

Let’s look at that model.

Everything so far is learned behaviour. You get up of a morning and begin your day the same way as you did the day before and the day before that and so on.

You step out of bed usually in a daze trying to remember what day it is and what it is you need to do.

You get ready for work and start thinking about your drive to work or your train journey etc.

You also start thinking about what your day is going to look like, do you work in a team environment, do you make calls, involve yourself with endless meetings, take care of patients etc.

Whatever it is that you do, you do basically the same thing every day.

Throw into that mix shopping, maybe babysitting and a myriad of other chores that are part of your life.

The life that is the home to work, work to home repeated dozens of times, then somebody tells you about a book based on living in the NOW, so you get the book hoping this will shed some light on the gnawing feeling that there is more to life than what you are doing.

The trouble with the living in the NOW is that, your now, is based on the past. Everything you think is the past. There are no new thoughts. You are the same person having the same thoughts.

Let me explain this a bit more.

How much of what you are thinking is overlayed with frustration, hurt, anger, gossip, judgement and so much more?

All of these thoughts are still with you. They haven’t by some magic disappeared.

The minute you start to plan whether it is holidays, moving house, a new beginning, a new relationship, changing something about your life, you bring forth the past, all the little voices from God only knows where, into any decision that may change your life.

You are not actually living in the now, you are still in the past.

Add to that, you have also given all of those thoughts enough energy to light up a city…ouch.

You are now emotionally tied to the thoughts whether past or present.

I want you to think on what I have just said.

How many times have you done that?

It has become part of you and you no longer own your mind, your body does.

Any wonder we end up with all sorts of complaints and eventually disease (dis…ease) all of which we have just created… another ouch!

We’ll get to part where we create our own reality.

The fun really begins, because when we really get that, we can then be, do or have anything we want. Hang in there, that’s another thing we will come back to.

Are you starting to realise that you mostly live in the past?

It runs into the now and usually stops there.

If it doesn’t and somehow you begin by thinking about your future and what you want that to look like, remembering that you are again, basing all your thoughts and decisions on past experiences.

Then you don’t get what you want in the way you want it, you’re disappointed. Now you begin the same old, same old.

How could it be any different?

It is all based on the same model which has never worked, because you are the same you.

Now here is the challenge. You can’t be you anymore, you have to be someone different. A new you, otherwise you will be doing the same thing you have always done and expect different results, it ain’t gonna happen.

The new you. You are incredibly powerful and amazing, you just don’t realise it yet.

What if I told you that there is another reality, other than the one you are looking at?

A reality that is so exciting, that in time, you won’t recognise your life. Could you get excited about that possibility?

I hope so, because there is another reality.

One that is powered not only by you, but by you and the Universal Mind.

Both you and the Universal Mind are intelligent and you can work together to create a new you. By doing this, you are able to change how you live.

You know, be, do or have anything you want.

In this first part of the book, it was important for you to understand what it is that you do every day unconsciously, and because you are unconscious you are repeating everything you have learned, read, heard etc, it has become You.

The you that people know, the you that friends see, the you that work colleagues see, the you that acts out on a daily basis.

You now know that your past and present is all the same. It’s all based on the past.

The New You

The good news is you can definitely create a new you.


In this first part I spoke briefly about a trash can.

I want you now, to set up a trash can in your mind.

This trash can, will be invaluable when it comes to getting rid of stuff, namely the past and its crappy thoughts that have held you back.

I want you to become conscious and by that, I mean really conscious of your thoughts, how you’re thinking not only on a daily basis, but minute to minute, this becomes easier the more you practice.

Let me pick something easy to demonstrate.

You decide you have always wanted to fly to Europe and go on a Mediterranean Cruise. What happens immediately is you probably start to chuckle, or say to yourself yeah dream on, in other words you don’t have any faith that this could happen. Now it is at this point that I want you to become conscious of your thoughts, the voice inside your head that begins it journey into the past and gives you all the reasons why you won’t be going on that trip.

This is where you take the thoughts and put them in the trash can. I want you to do this every time some thought comes, that is not in alignment with the New You that is being created.

This takes practice, in time you will be so aware of your thoughts that you will put them in the trash can before they become a full-on thought.

Next, I want you to stop gossiping or talking in a negative way about others, it isn’t nice but it is also very damaging to you as a person, as well as your health.

Remember everybody is doing the best with what they have available.

When you really focus on these things, I am sharing with you, you will then begin to attract to you a different set of circumstances. Your life will begin to change.

Last action is Meditation.

Why do we meditate?

Meditation helps you to remove the layers, the masks that you have been hiding behind and didn’t realise. Closing your eyes removes the chatter that is continuous in our lives.

In time with practice you will experience a state of joy, you will become more loving and you will also begin to experience your purpose and creating a new future.

You will be excited about your life and be in awe of how the Universal Mind works.

You will learn how to let go and allow the flow to manifest what it is that you want.

From this space there is no lack, only abundance.

Pick a meditation that you are comfortable with, something with music or maybe a guided meditation.

Begin by meditating in the evening, somewhere quiet, in a space that you feel comfortable with no distractions.

I will cover more on meditation later in the book, but for now practice meditating. It will become comfortable and something you look forward to doing daily, especially when you fully understand the reason for it.

Start now.

More Knowledge for Building your Skills

I am hoping that you have spent time practising Meditating.

If we take the baby steps you will be inclined to keep going.

I understand this is not the only thing you are doing, there are other priorities.

In time, I want this practice of becoming the New You, to be your priority. After all, we are talking about your life. That is incredibly important.

I do want to explain more about Meditation, but for now let’s take a bit of a break while I explain about creating your own reality.

All of the steps will fall into a coherent life plan, later, I promise.

If I was to say to you that, You Create Your Own Reality, what are your immediate thoughts?

Take a minute to write them down here:


Take a moment to let that sink in.

When you started to think about what I said, did you start to bring up your past and all those significant things that happened to you that caused you anger, frustration or stress etc?

Then, you went on to assign the blame to others or situations that appeared to be outside of you and had nothing to do with you. Meaning, you had no control over them?

This is normal, because that is what we believed happened. Everything is outside of ourselves.

It’s not…another ouch.

You are responsible for everything that has happened in your life thus far.

Now you know, remember the story I told about the man who hits his partner, the first time it’s his fault the next time it’s the other persons.

Once you know that we create our reality, you can never pretend to be affected by ignorance again.

So, what next?

Well let’s look at exactly what that means and how do we then work with that.

What are the possibilities for creating a New You?

It’s not easy to realise that we are that powerful, we are amazing, we’re geniuses.

So why has life not given us all that we wanted? Let’s not rehash that, because it is the past.

We are only going to focus on how we want our future to be.

Creating Your Own Reality

Let’s get started.

Let me try and help you become the master of your life.

That amazing life where you can be, do or have anything you want.

Firstly, some more explaining about Creating your own reality.

To make this as simple as I can, we know that we have a conscious and unconscious mind.

Do you agree?

We have thoughts and they are Conscious thoughts. Mostly we are aware of what we are thinking. We have also read or heard that those thoughts drop into the subconscious.

Who, by the way, doesn’t know whether those thoughts are something you want or something you don’t want?

Then that little helper goes about giving you what you just put there.

The subconscious mind is connected to the Universal Mind, where all information is stored so you have a pretty good chance of matching your thoughts.

Remember earlier when I talked about the past, the present and the future and they are created by you and your thinking.

It’s not possible to think one thing and get something totally different. It’s like Maths, what you do to one side you need to do to the other.

Take a moment to digest this and look back over the years and what your thinking was.

It sounds complex but it isn’t.

Consciously, you have a thought and if you focus on that thought long enough, keep observing it, it’s already on its way to the subconscious and bingo there it arrives in your reality.

So, who did the creating?


Simply by thinking.

Now if you have been doing that all your life unconsciously, meaning you weren’t aware, then now you know, that they are your thoughts and nobody else’s.

Then it is safe to say, if you really spent time watching your thoughts and the feelings that come with the thoughts, then what could you create?

You’re amazing.

All of this, is not outside of you, it is within.

Now you can start creating your own reality the way you want it to be.

There will be some challenges along the way. There will be friends, relatives, work colleagues who don’t like the changes, they liked the other you.

You can’t be the other you, you have to be a new version of yourself to have a new and different life.

You know that.

If you do what you have always done, expecting different results…How!! It just doesn’t happen.

I want to give you another example of what you give out you get back.

Say you spend all your time thinking how unwell you are.

The thought leaves the conscious where you have all your focus, drops into the subconscious and attracts more suffering.

Can you start to see that it is not up to our environment, meaning outside of ourselves, it is within.

There is a lot of information on the subjects of Neuroscience, epigenetics, neuroplasticity and how with knowledge we can change our brain.

Dr Norman Doidge has written extensively on this subject.

We are incredibly blessed with the research that is now happening to prove that all of what I am talking about.

It isn’t just some good idea, it is science based.

Do you need to be skilled to create a new you?


You need the knowledge and then you need to take action.

Don’t expect that it will happen overnight, but I can assure you, if you take the steps, it will happen.

The more you see results, the more excited you will be to continue.

What has Energy got to do with the Mind?

I now want to touch on Energy.

Einstein found that we were ninety eight percent energy and two percent covering.

He also found that we are made up of electrons, protons, neutrons and more and that these are the building blocks that form the physical.

Our physical world is both waves (energy) and particles (physical matter).

When this was discovered it dramatically changed the way we believed our reality worked.

We started to learn that particles and matter were part of the Quantum Field, the Universal Mind.

In his book “Breaking the habit of Being Yourself” Dr Joe Dispenza explains it like this:

Everything in the physical universe is made up of subatomic particles such as electrons. By their very nature, these particles, when they exist as pure potential, are in their wave state, while they are not being observed. They are potentially “everything” and “no thing” until they are observed. They exist “everywhere” and “nowhere” until they are observed. Thus, everything in our physical reality exists as pure potential.

You will probably need to read that paragraph a couple of times to fully understand.

It’s pretty powerful information when you realise that firstly there is a Quantum Field (Universal Mind) and secondly that it is full of information, and here’s the great news we only have to ask.


A little more about Energy and then I’ll move on.

I have talked quite a bit about your thoughts, how you think, what you think and how you feel.

If you are spending a lot of time on the same thoughts then that is where you are focusing all your energy and then there is nothing left for your future thoughts.

All thoughts do not work by themselves.

It is like making a cake, you need the raising agent.


The same is true for your thoughts.

You can set goals, think about the holiday, the new shoes, the new car etc, in the end they are thoughts, you will need to give the thoughts the boost they need, the raising agent.

You will need to give those thoughts Energy.

Without energy nothing happens and that’s why when we have put out for something and it didn’t happen. Then we became despondent and told ourselves that it didn’t work.

You now know why.


I will give you lots more on energy later.

At the beginning, I wanted you to realise how amazing you are and how you can definitely have an amazing life.

I hope you are beginning to get the picture I am painting for you.

Coming up is about our mind and our body.

I am trying to keep it simple, the simpler the better.

If you feel it’s all too hard and you have to think too much you won’t do it.

When you begin the change to the new you, it will be challenging enough, because the mind is so used to wiring in the same way.

It will put up resistance.

You are going to have to want a new life more than anything. Don’t let this scare you, it isn’t all hard, it does get easier and amazing.

I’ve done it and so can you, otherwise I wouldn’t have written the book.

It is not just for the select few.

Let’s keep going.

#InvisibleWoman #Judythe #InvisibletoVisible

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